Why Become a State Officer:

DECA students are eligible to run for State Officer during the State Career Development Conference. Those elected to office serve from the end of that conference until the newly elected officers the following year are installed in office at the next year’s State Career Development Conference. Typically, students run for office as juniors, to serve during their senior year, however sophomores have run and been elected to serve during their junior year.

Becoming an officer is a special experience, drawing on a student’s ability to lead, organize, plan and motivate others. Officers represent New Hampshire DECA in local and state events, national DECA events, and with business partners and community organizations. Students represent the state and national DECA organization, and are expected to be ethical, responsible, mature and dedicated to their position and all it requires.

DECA Officers prepare presentations, speeches, and social media communications. They serve as a liaison between the New Hampshire DECA State Advisor Team, Chapter Advisors, and DECA students.

We are always thankful for the wonderful students who run for office and give their support and leadership to the organization, as well as serve their fellow students. 


  • In addition to having the opportunity to serve the students and teachers of New Hampshire DECA, officers learn leadership and management skills, demonstrate creativity and planning in putting events together, and attend national DECA workshops that offer high level training that many high school students are not exposed to.
  • Officers are currently given a $350 stipend to use to attend the norther regional conference (Power Trip) and an allowance for some of the official officer apparel to help defray costs.

How To Apply

To apply to become a candidate for office, contact New Hampshire DECA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by mid-November to get a current application and information about applying, interviewing, and steps to take to prepare to run for office. Interested students can also ask their Chapter DECA Advisor for assistance in applying.