Why Become An Advisor

Teachers who become DECA advisors have a rewarding career experience ahead. What you do as an advisor will expand and enhance your classroom teaching, and add another dimension to your interaction and connection to your students. As a DECA advisor, you plan curriculum linked club activities, travel to events and conferences with students, provide guidance and coaching in competitive events, and spend valuable time outside the traditional classroom environment working with your students.


  • Being an advisor allows you to work more closely with students, and help them prepare for career paths they have chosen. You strengthen your teacher/student relationships and also help focus on reaching students in ways that just classroom work alone cannot. It enriches your personal career and life by expanding your teaching experience.

How To Become An Advisor:

Contact New Hampshire DECA by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; we can provide information based on your current teaching position, or plans for teaching, and guide you on the steps necessary to become a DECA advisor.